15  May  2007
Metropol (UK) Limited acted as a joint broker of the placing of ordinary shares of International Marketing and Sales Group Plc (IMSG)

Canaccord Adams Limited acted as lead bookrunner and broker in a syndicate including Metropol (UK) Limited, who acted as joint brokers to the placing. The Placing 6 182 697 ordinary shares of IMSG at a price of 178 pence per share, raising approximately £11 million (before expenses) for IMSG. Cost of the placed actions has made 178 pence for the action. Accommodation of actions has passed by means of release of 5 340 000 new ordinary actions, and also, in view of significant demand from институциональных investors, sale of 842 697 actions belonging some directors and shareholders IMSG. The tenders under new actions should begin on May, 16th, 2007.

In addition to the £11 million raised by the Placing, IMSG also announces that International Marketing & Sales Group Limited ("IMSG Jersey"), the newly-incorporated Jersey company which is to become the holding company of the Group upon implementation of the group reorganisation announced on 10 May, 2007, has entered into a conditional placing agreement with a strategic Emerging Markets investor to subscribe for 2,150,000 new ordinary shares in IMSG Jersey at 178 pence per share, raising approximately £3.8m (before expenses) for the IMSG group.


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