16  September  2011
The head of METROPOL Group of Companies M.V. Slipenchuk attended a meeting of winners of the preliminary public voting with the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

The meeting was held on the 14th of September in Moscow. The winners of primaries of the All-Russia People’s Front from all parts of Russia took part in it. The most important social policy issues of our state were discussed at the meeting.
The head of METROPOL Group of Companies M.V. Slipenchuk shared his impressions from meeting with the Prime Minister of Russia: "The meeting was very democratic, unusual; we sat around Vladimir Vladimirovich in two rows. There was no pathos. There was direct contact, questions were asked by all who wanted and who could. I mean, Putin answered all questions addressed to him. The questions were very different - from critical to supportive".
About the prospects of the procedure of prior public voting in Russia, M.V. Slipenchuk said: "I think this is the only right decision for the future. Because when we elect from among the parties, the choice turns out to be somehow one-sided. When party members participate in the primaries in front of a large group of people, and not in one place, rather than in different regions and cities, and answer questions, then we can see a rating, which is more accurate. Such an arrangement is better than just appointment. That means in this case, there is a will of people, and it is taken into account".

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