11  April  2012
A presentation of the economic and investment capabilities of the Republic of Buryatia took place in Beijing (China) with the support of METROPOL Group of Companies.

The official organizers of a large-scale presentation on April 10, 2012 in the framework of the recently announced Year of Russian tourism in China were Russian Embassy in China and the Metropol China company.  The presentation was visited by Buryatia government delegation led by the President-Chairman of the Republic V.V. Nagovitsyn, who was in Beijing on a working visit on April 9-10.

The event was attended by regional director of IFC METROPOL, Director of the representative office of IFC METROPOL in the Republic of Buryatia B.D.Tsyrenov.  He spoke about the implementation of projects inside The Baikal harbor special economic zone of tourist and recreation type.  B.D.Tsyrenov   underlined, among other things, that that "the development of tourist and recreation cluster on the basis of a special economic zone of tourist-recreational type Baikal harbor by the METROPOL has to do not only with creation of new infrastructure facilities and jobs in the Baikal region, but also with the creation of a zone of socially-responsible investing, which involves a harmonious, balanced system of development of the unique natural reserve - the Lake Baikal. »

A.V. Zotova, the head of the “METROPOL Express” company, also delivered a speech at the presentation of tourist facilities of the METROPOL Group of Companies.

In addition to the presentation, the delegation held meetings of the representatives of the METROPOL Group of Companies with the leaders of China State Administration of Tourism and the management of the leading Chinese companies that are planning to develop business in the territory of Buryatia. In particular the meeting featured the management of NFC corporation (China Nonferrous Metal Industry's Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd.), with which the METROPOL is currently carrying out negotiations on the cooperation in the development of Ozerny deposit.

The President of the Republic of Buryatia, V.V .Nagovitsyn praised the work of the METROPOL Group of Companies in the area of further development of business cooperation with Chinese partners for the benefit of the Baikal region.

The event received wide media coverage in China:,keynews,075303.shtml

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