24  April  2015
IFC "METROPOL" participated in the meeting of the EBC Committee on Legislation, Banks and Finance

On April 17, a meeting of the European Business Congress Committee on Legislation, Banks and Finance was held in Taormina (Italy). Managing Director of the department on analysis of debt instruments and derivative of IFC "METROPOL" Hawk Sunshine took part in this event.

Agenda of the meeting: topical issues of the financial and credit sphere, issues of improving the efficiency of corporate governance, investment policies and practices.

Particularly, as Hawk Sunshine noted, participants of the meeting discussed the issue of the volatility of oil prices. "We came to the conclusion that now it’s difficult to make short-term forecasts, but the market is self-regulating. If in the near future the investment is reduced in the industry, we will see a significant drop in supply and a rise in prices in the medium-term ", - Hawk Sunshine commented on the results of the meeting.
The Committee provides an open brainstorming platform for regular meetings and professional communication between representatives of business and international expert community. Personal atmosphere of meetings provides a useful exchange of views on the global agenda in the field of economics and finance and has a practical significance for the development of optimal approaches to the key legal, banking and financial issues.

In the assets of the Committee recommendations are prepared and sent to the Secretariat of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. The Committee meets three times a year.

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