4  April  2011
VII Open Russian Karate Championship Finishes in Martial Arts Palace in Moscow. Don’t miss our photo and TV report!

Exclusive Comment by M.V. Slipenchuk, President of Russian Kyokushin-kan Karate-do Federation upon the closing of the VII Russian Kyokushin-kan Karate Championship
On 2-3 April 2011 in Moscow Martial Arts Center (118 A Varshavskoe Highway), the Russian Kyokushin-kan Karate-do Championship Took Place. In the framework of the championship, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Russian Kyokushin-kan Karate-do Federation and the Kyokushin-kan Budo Karate Federation. On behalf of the Russian Kyokushin-kan Karate-do Federation the agreement was signed by M.V. Slipenchuk, the Federation’s President and head of METROPOL Group of Companies. He is confident that uniting the efforts of the two federations will strengthen the position of karate in this country. Mr Slipenchuk himself has been going in for Kyokushin-kan karate for a long time and considers it a very suitable sport for Russia. After the championship he said, “The name of the style - Kyokushin-kan – can be translated as “absolute truth”. This is a special style, full contact, which tempers the spirit and, first of all, breeds respect towards your opponent and senior people. Kyokushin-kan has a long tradition and I think it is highly relevant for Russians today: to train yourself to protect your family and your country.  The spirituality that comes along with this sport is characteristic of the Russian people. This is why I believe this sport to be not only international but also useful for the Russians. Moreover, in these times of transition, when there is no guidance, the ideology is vague, when children feel lost, I think this is what we need. Besides, the federation’s structure is quite orderly: from district groups to the World Championship. I think that any child who takes up the sport has far reaching prospects. I, for example, took it up in much later age, at 22. Then there was a break and I only got back in 2002, when METROPOL was developing dynamically and I realized I needed spiritual strength, as well as physical, to run the company. I found it in this sport, or, rather, this art. I am still doing it and I have a black belt and first dan. But there are 10 ranks, so there is ample room for improvement!”

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