6  June  2005
The IFC «METROPOL» is an adviser of the OJSC «WGC-3  and OJSC «WGC-1» on the questions of securities issue

The boards of directors of the open joint-stock companies «The First Wholesale — Generating Company» («WGC-1») and «The Third Wholesale — Generating Company» («WGC-3») have adopted the IFC «METROPOL» as their adviser on the questions of securities issues. The Company «METROPOL» renders services to the above mentioned two companies in connection with preparation of prospectus of shares and monitoring of information disclosed by emitters. The issues have been registered by the Federal Service of Financial Reconnaissance (FSFR) of Russia and the shares are allocated among the founders. 17,252,039,909 shares of «WGC-1» by nominal value 1 rouble have been allocated, and the total amount of issue by nominal value equals to 17,252 billion roubles ($608 million), as well as 16,629,846,629 shares of «WGC-3» by nominal value 1 rouble have been allocated, the total amount of issue by nominal value being 16,629 billion roubles ($586 million).

The joint stock companies «WGC-1» and «WGC-3» are dependent upon the Russian joint stock corporation «United Energy Systems» (RAO UESR). The company «WGC-1» includes the Verkhne-Tagilsk state district power station (SDPS), Nizhnevartovsk SDPS, Urengoy SDPS, Iriklinsk SDPS and hydro-electric power station (HEPS), Perm SDPS and Kashira SDPS-4. The company «WGC-3» includes five power stations: JSC «Kostroma SDPS», «Pechora SDPS», «Cherepetsk SDPS ", Gusinoozersk SDPS and Haranorsk SDPS. The shares of the first three power stations which are included in »WGC-3«, get quotes at the RTS stock exchange.

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