20  May  2011
IFC METROPOL was the general sponsor of the 2nd Investment Forum Investments in Russia. Capital Raising Opportunities that took place on May 20, 2011 in Moscow in the Holiday Inn Sokolniki.

The participants of the Forum organized by the Stock Market magazine and social network included leading Russian investment companies, representatives of related ministries and agencies, and journalists working for financial and economic mass media. Aleksey Rodzyanko – Chief Executive Director of IFC METROPOL – gave a speech at the plenary session held as a free discussion. The insider activity law that has been much discussed recently was of particular interest for the participants. “The insider law will make Russia a more interesting, more attractive country in terms of investments,” noted A.O. Rodzyanko thereby turning the discussion to the relevant issue – how to restore the investment attractiveness of Russia.

“The issue of Russia’s investment attractiveness discussed today is extremely topical. That is why the discussion we had at the Forum turned out to be so interesting,” shared his impressions Mr. Rodzyanko at the close of the plenary session. “We spoke about what Russia should do to improve its investment climate. Russia is the only BRIC country that is loosing rather than gaining its investment capital while living on sales of oil and raw materials. Such conferences as we had today are very useful – just as constant dripping wears away a stone, our discussions, similarly, form a public position and give an opportunity to speak and to be heard by those whom we address.”

Maksim Rozenblit, Development Director of IFC METROPOL’s Corporate Finance Department, also made his presentation called M&A Today: Prospective Industries during the Mergers and Acquisitions: Prospective Assets professional conference held as part of the Forum.

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