13  January  2012
Delegation of Chinese company NFC pays a business visit to East-Siberian Metals Corporation

From 12 January to 17 January, the delegation of 11 technical specialists of Chinese company NFC, led by Mr Chen Zhenghai, Head of Mining Department, paid a business visit to East-Siberian Metals Corporation.
From the Russian side, 11 technical specialists from East-Siberian Metals Corporation led by Deputy General Director S.N. Garichev, met with the Chinese delegation.  Ernst & Young specialists, led by Partner of the Moscow-based Unit Alexey Markov, who submitted the Due Diligence report prepared at the request of the Chinese side, as well as East-Siberian Metals Corporation lawyers led by M. Solton, also participated in the talks.
The main purpose of the visit was closer and more detailed familiarisation of the Chinese specialists with the project of construction of Ozerny Mining and Processing Complex, combined ore processing technology, electric power supply and transportation service, finance and economy model and legal aspects of the project. The work was performed at general joint sessions, and in three specialized work groups:
• Local geology, mining and open-cast design (headed by D.N. Novikov)
• Technology of produced lead-zinc ore processing (headed by M.N. Bryksin)
• Power supply of production (headed by K.E. Yevgrafov)
At the final session, the work outcomes were summarized and the action plan for the nearest 2-3 months was outlined in order to prepare an investment feasibility study for the Chinese bank.
The Chinese party expressed its intention to open NFC representation office in Moscow in March this year.

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